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35 Keys to Business Growth from The Valcort Group

There are many ways to grow a business. And with history as a guide, we’d say there are many more ways to fail. We have ideas on both how to succeed and how to avoid the pitfalls. We start with 35, and you can find links the first 28 below, with the final seven to be featured this year.

We call them the Valcort 35 Keys to Business Growth. They represent our comprehensive view of the most important disciplines that companies and organizations will master if they are to consistently succeed.

To help you review the discussions to date, we’ve provided below the links to the articles on the first 28 disciplines.

  1. The Importance of a Vision Statement
  2. What People Believe Matters
  3. Listen (to the Voice of Your Customers)   
  4. Why Selling Your Products is a Bad Idea
  5. Making the Best of Customer Touchpoints
  6. An Earful of Change
  7. Do You See a Trend?
  8. Re-inventing the Mission Statement
  9. For Product Success, Make What People Want
  10. Increasing your Margin and Moving Pianos
  11. Wings, Beer, Sports and the Art of Perfecting Your Value Proposition
  12. Executing Mind Shaping Media Campaigns
  13. Building Trust-Oriented Business Relationships at Every Point of Contact
  14. Value Matters. Measure It
  15. How Clear Customer Focus Can Prevent a Crash Landing
  16. 7 Steps to Employee Greatness
  17. Are You a Victim of Organizational Drift?
  18. Get the Message?
  19. Reaching the people most important to your business 
  20. Influencing the Influencers through Communication
  21. What Difference Does It Make: The Importance of Tracking Customer Response
  22. Lift the Fog: Leadership Values as the Key to Growth
  23. Questions That Will Help Your Business Grow
  24. Secret Spy? Conduct Competitor Research
  25. Speaking the Right Language? The Importance of Customer Profiling
  26. Are Your Employees Your Best Advocates?
  27. Answer the Door: Winning the Customer Inquiry Exchange
  28. Pay Attention: The Importance of Tracking Marketing Results
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