The VALCORT© business growth process is an in-depth review of your organization‘s business development strengthsand weaknesses and your new growth opportunities to build a practical roadmap for achieving sustainable growth.

The process begins by assessing the current state of your organization in seven disciplines (values, assets, lens, creative, outreach,relationship, and tracking) and establishes a course of action. From here, we will document the organizations values, vision andmission, capture your core business development practices, explore the market place for opportunity and alignment, and providea practical roadmap to achieve customer-engaged, sustainable growth.


  • How will you align your organization, cost effectively and efficiently, for growth?
  • What changes need to be made to help your business development dollars work harder and deliver the best results?
  • What realignment is needed?
  • What changes are required by whom? In what sequence? To accomplish what goals?
  • How much will it cost and when will you see results?


Diagnosis of Organizational Alignment and Health

The VALCORT ROI Survey is a simple online tool that assesses the engagement strength of all those who directly impact growth across seven different VALCORT disciplines. The results will offer management a graphic snapshotof misalignments, fragments – identifying where performance is breaking down across teams and processes.Data will indicate gaps that exist across your leadership, functional team, facility, regions, product lines,business units, etc. The survey was created by Chuck Thomas, the founder of The Valcort Group, while tested and supported by social scientists, marketing and growth experts and market researchers.

Senior Team Evaluation

Using VALCORT as the framework, we focus on understanding your organization‘s growth strategies.We review strategic documents, processes, growth assets, and internal assumptions. Collaborative worksessions with your leadership team and selected employee interviews are conducted to captureinsights and trust levels.

We’ll assess:

  • Your organization, your market, your value, customer engagement processes, and delivery to the market
  • Your organization‘s ability to innovate, create customer engagement, identify roadblocks and opportunities
  • Your team‘s knowledge and alignment—engagement and alignment to the company‘s mission and vision

Customer Perception Assessment

We‘ll evaluate customer based and product/service lines, segment your markets and scan your existing andnew markets for size, fit, and opportunity This phase provides insight into building customer trust and definescustomer engagement paths, perceptions of your company, and reveals opportunities to capture customers.

This stage will include:

  • Market research to capture market dynamics, changes and emerging opportunities
  • Interviews with customers, vendors, and channel partners
  • Competitive intelligence to map current landscape and identify future opportunities

Building the roadmap for Growth

Using VALCORT as a comprehensive framework, strategies are built along each of the seven disciplinesto align the company with market needs and opportunities.

The roadmap will:

  • Clarify strategic values, vision, positioning, the story and message, and market platform
  • Create growth and innovation platform for market innovation to fuel growth and market engagement
  • Define VALCORT alignment initiatives to strengthen business development practices and realignment
  • Create an implementation strategy that will capture early adopters, quickly leverage trust and drive value

Alignment and Allocation

We guide and coach your leaders in alignment of people, teams, programs, products, brands, and positions – providing counsel on the allocation of resources to allow for implementation of new growth plans.

Organizational Implementation

We guide and mentor your team to begin implementation. The completed work and resulting plan are presentedand seeded within the organization. Strategies, growth platform and various initiatives are provided as innovativesolutions to improve customer engagement to drive growth and innovation. Teams begin to adopt, think, innovateand act differently about customers as they prepare for the public launch of the new platform.

Marketplace Implementation

This phase includes the development, presentation, and as requested implementation of internal and externalGo-To-Market initiatives. We coordinate tactics, tasks, and activities to fire in sequence, keeping your teams focused, driving change, creating market interest and capturing new customer engagement. Extensions, new market development processes, and additional innovation teams are created, implemented and managed to sustain momentum and growth.

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