Transformation Through Alignment of Values and Vision

Change Management ConsultingFor organizations to grow, they must change.  There is no status quo – you’re either growing or dying. To fuel new growth, new products and services need to be invented, new markets opened up, new processes developed.  As teams begin to make these organizational changes, uncertainty and apprehension naturally appear. This creates an opportunity to revisit shared values and vision, clarifying and strengthening trust.

Risk-averse people want more clarity about who, what, when and where. Adventurous people are more comfortable with risk, seeing it as an opportunity. They just want clarity about why and how things will change.

We provide a framework within which effective change management can take place. We guide the process for leadership to introduce change and engage employees and key stakeholders in effective conversations about the change. This framework include the following transformative activities:

  • Defined shared values
  • Defined shared vision
  • Report on market changes and shifts
  • Identified service and product gaps
  • Document necessary changes
  • Development of a plan to change
  • Gain agreement on the plan and metrics
  • Implement the plan
  • Measure, report and promote successful change

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