Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth: Values and Vision

If you are new to The Valcort Group, you may not know that our consulting strategy is easy to find—it’s our Gold Advice: Values Risesname. Valcort is an acronym for the 7 disciplines that drive,  guide, and measure business growth.


V — Values are the foundation, for the values we hold drive the choices we make

V – Vision is the power of shared values, shared hope for the future, and shared commitment to get there.

A –  Assets and associations are the tools to create interest and difference, deliver unique value and leverage for growth

L –   Lens of market.  A focused lens requires understand of (1) customer values and frustration, (2) competitors and their strategies, and (3) champions and advocates.

C –  Vital creative is a compelling, engaging, clear message. It must be true, unique, and it must relieve a frustration.

O –  Outreach is the way you push your message and unique value into the market. It includes direct sales and indirect marketing

R –  Relationship engagement at every point of contact. Based on share values and shared vision, relationship is a personal connection that fosters interdependence, and creates commitment for mutual benefit.

T –  Tracking trending. Measuring delivery on the promises made, tracking and trending is the catalyst for change, innovation, and demonstrating trust.

In these columns over the last few years we have been discussing, one by one, the 35 Keys to Business Growth. There are five of these keys, or practices, in each of the 7 VALCORT disciplines.  We are now down to the last 7; one in each of the VALCORT disciplines.

Here are all five of the articles on driving values and vision throughout your organization. 

The Importance of a Vision Statement

#1. Have a motivating and achievable vision statement that drives critical business decisions.

Reinventing the Mission Statement

#8: Have a mission statement that is easy to understand with clear benefits for employees, customers and vendors.

How Clear Customer Focus Can Prevent a Crash Landing

#15 Have a clear, customer-focused approach to your business that drives important business decisions.

Lift the Fog: Leadership Values as the Key to Growth

#22 Have a clear understanding of your leaders’ values and beliefs, and how they impact relationships with employees, vendors, and customers

Vision and the North Star: The Importance of Certainty in Uncertain Times

#29: Be flexible and make positive and competitive changes whenever needed to achieve your mission and vision.

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