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Top 10 Stores For Best Black Friday Deals (Surprise: Not  Walmart!) – Forbes.   The personal finance site WalletHub surveyed 5, 525 Black Friday ad scans from 22 of the country’s biggest U.S. retailers. Their results show mall stalwarts JC Penney and Macy’s offering the most impressive savings. Read the article.


Economist on agingEconomic impact of aging countries – The Economist   “There simply is a limit to the extent to which we can save today in exchange for leisure and high consumption tomorrow. Somebody has to do the work tomorrow; we cannot all be retired by that time.”  Read the article.


amazonAmazon’s Ambitions Seem Limitless, But What About Results? – Chief Executive    Amazon has come a long way from its origins as the bane of bricks-and-mortar booksellers. Not too far into its history, Amazon diversified into becoming a huge online store for all kinds of entertainment products, and then for all sorts of general merchandise. Now there are few shopping searches that would be complete without a review of Amazon. But has Amazon spread its considerable resources and ambitions too far? Investors long have decried its unslakable drive to diversify as a main reason the company’s profit margins have remained thin at best. Read the article

Larry PageGoogle’s Larry Page: The most ambitious CEO in the universe—Fortune Inspired by management icons like Alan Mulally, the former Ford CEO who is Google’s newest board member, Page has pushed the Google juggernaut forward while transforming it to fit his grand vision. Read the article

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