This Week’s Trending Business Stories 12-2-14

ApologyThe art of online apologies and why Elizabeth Lauten failed miserably at hers: The apology was what people who have been caught say. It carries this hard-to-shake implication that she was not REALLY sorry about what she wrote, but instead was sorry that people were outraged by it.  Here are tips on making an apology sound, well, real.  –Forbes

Coca-Cola wants to buy the world a milkUnlike soda pop, the U.S. milk industry remains highly fragmented with few recognizable brand names.  But Coca-Cola is looking to change that with a nationwide launch of a high-end milk, called Fairlife, in 2015.  –Businessweek

head with treeHow companies can benefit from a growth mindset:  People with a “growth mindset” enjoy challenges, strive to learn, and consistently see potential to develop new skills, a study indicates. –Harvard Business Review

Religion and spendingPrudent but not puritan: A review of religion’s impact on spending finds that people of faith like to buy stuff but they live more cautiously. –The Economist


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