Get a cue! Connecting your brand to everyday life

One way that your advertising can influence what people think about and notice is through ‘cueing’ –linking your brand to words or expressions that come up naturally in everyday conversation. Repeated often in your advertising and other communication, they become cues that help increase the power of your brand.brand

You see and hear these many times a day. How many of these did you know?

Cue Brand/Product
Gimme a break Have a Kit Kat
Have a break… Have a Kit Kat
MmmmmMmmmmm Good Campbell’s Soup
Don’t leave home without it… American Express
Do you know me? American Express
Just do it. Nike
Where do you want to go today? Microsoft
The real thing… Coca-Cola
Always… Coca-Cola
Think different. Apple
Because you’re worth it… L’Oreal
Reach out and touch someone AT&T
Thanks! I needed that! Mennen Skin Bracer
Where’s the beef? Wendys Restaurants
Oh what a feeling… “Toyota”
Ring around the collar. Wisk detergent
You deserve a break today McDonalds
Thank you for your support Bartles and Jaymes wine
Cross your heart… Playtex Bra


What’s your cue?

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