5 Keys to Successful Outreach

Here are five of Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth that address the challenge of reaching out to your publics. Take a look.

Making the Best of Customer Touchpoints

# 5 Have a fully coordinated, customer sales approach, drawing a customer into an engaging relationship at every point of contact.

Executing Mind Shaping Media Campaigns

#12 Deliver advertising, public relations and other communication in the right media, at the right time, and in the right way to effectively engage customers in their process of decision-making.

Reaching the People Most Important to Your Business

#19 Continuously evaluate the most effective way to reach each of the different customer groups you serve.

Are Your Employees Your Best Advocates?

#26 Equip all employees, vendors, and representatives with advertising and promotional materials, and encourage them to promote your company to customers at any time.

Surprise Me! 7 Tips for Inventing New Ways to Reach Customers

#33 Regularly invent new ways to reach prospective customers at the time when they are making important purchase decisions.

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