Three Principles of Greatness

three bikersWhether you’re beginning a business from scratch, re-creating an existing organization, or looking to take a company from acceptable to extraordinary, there are three core principles that great operations share–core beliefs that impact management style, communications and use of resources.

1. Truth builds trust

Knowing what is true is the basis for taking action, making any purchase or investment.  When organizations seek and speak the truth at all times, regardless whether it’s good or bad news, people trust them. Trust is the glue that holds organizations, customers, and vendors together.  When trust falters, so does the business.

2. Values drive choice

Every person makes choices to buy, sell, move or stay based upon the values they hold. Values that are shared by people and by organizations are the bedrock of all trust. When values among people are not shared, become questioned or are disconnected, people withdraw, complexity expands and revenues drop. Knowing and aligning to the values of the CEO, the values of the organization, and the values of your customers is essential.

3. People seek purpose

People are naturally wired to want to impact others and make a difference. Every person is unique, gifted, experienced and purposed. Great companies inventory and place their people in positions that use their strengths, create value, purpose and meaning.

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