The world’s best leaders, delivery drones and other interesting business stories of the week

EagleWho are the world’s best leaders?  The greatest leaders are the ones who run organizations that truly care for their employees’ and customers’ health, happiness, and wellbeing.  — Fortune

amazon droneAmazon Hammers FAA For Lack Of ‘Impetus’ Over Drone Policy. is not pleased with the pace by which the Federal Aviation Administration is addressing the commercial use of drones and it let the public know in a congressional hearing on Tuesday. — Forbes

phone 5GYour phone on steroids.  With 5G mobile, wireless will go even faster than fiber, and will need to. if it is to meet society’s growing demands for ubiquitous and instantaneous connectivity—such networks will need to have response time of about one millisecond. – The Economist

facebook-like-button-androidWhy Your Facebook Page ‘Likes’ Are About to Drop.  If your business has a Facebook page, you’ll soon see a slight drop in its number of likes. –Business News Daily

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