The 15 most important things you need to know about your customers.

What are the most important things you should know about your customers? You should know what they are most frustrated about. And what they’re trying to achieve. You should know where they hang out online. What else? Create your own list, but first read our list of 15 things you should and can know about your customers. It will get you started.Shopping bags from Primark

  1. What is the biggest frustration about their life right now?
  2. What is it they are trying to achieve?
  3. What do they think it will take to achieve their goal?
  4. What have they tried that hasn’t worked?
  5. Why do they need you?
  6. What values do you share with your customer and where may there be a variance?
  7. Are they male or female?
  8. What age group are they in?
  9. Where are they located?
  10. Where do they hangout online and what social networks are they on?
  11. Why do they buy, when, and how?
  12. What is their income?
  13. Are they married and do they have kids?
  14. Are they engaging with your competition? Who? Why?
  15. What do they think about you?

These are questions for which you need an answer. Some are easier to answer than others, but all of them are important. Answers to these questions will help you refine your products, shape your message, and communicate with your audience more effectively. We can help you learn more about your customers, help you listen to them and build productive business relationships at every point of contact. 

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