President, Managing Partner of The Valcort Group to Be Featured Presenter in Marketing Research Association Webinar

Making Jazz to Create Engagement Theme of April 24th Webinar

St. Charles, IL – April 8, 2013 – Chuck Thomas, President and Managing Partner of The Valcort Group, is scheduled to be the featured guest of a webinar being sponsored by the Marketing Research Association (MRA) on April 24 at noon CST and is free of charge to those who want to attend.  It is a precursor to Thomas’ scheduled presentation at MRA’s Strategies and Insights Conference in Orlando, FL., on June xx, 2013 where he will discuss how creating engagement for business success is much like “making Jazz.”

“I’m pleased to be able to present a different point of view on strategy and insights with the content in this webinar and seminar,” Thomas said.  “It’s not all science when it comes to engaging stakeholders.  There’s a creativity about it to make what you do come together to deliver results.  That’s what I’ll be talking about in the webinar.”

In addition, qualifying attendees of this webinar will be given an opportunity to participate in a free, VALCORT ROI Survey with the results and analysis made available at Thomas’ session at MRA’s Insights & Strategies Conference in Orlando.   The VALCORT ROI Survey is a simple, online, 35-question diagnostic tool that reveals an organization’s customer engagement strengths, weaknesses and gaps. The colorful graphic output provides a quick snapshot of an organization’s current growth potential, revealing issues that are hindering customer engagement.  A presentation of the participant’s confidential VALCORT ROI Survey results and analysis can be scheduled for the Conference.

Webinar Description

How can one create stronger customer engagement and advocacy? What are sales and marketing people missing? What has to be done to improve employee engagement and retention? One of the toughest issues in business today is engagement. There are mountains of data, brilliant analysts, and great strategies. But converting that into a compelling story and getting engagement is a tough challenge.  In this webinar, Thomas will explore the emotional and cognitive tools and techniques of making jazz as a metaphor for creating engagement. Six musical elements are essential, and a fresh look at these elements may help change one’s thinking and kick up customer or employee engagement.  He will explore the elements of a great jazz performance as a window into creating captivating customer and employee engagement.

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About Chuck Thomas

Chuck Thomas is President and Founder of The Valcort Group, a suburban-Chicago based strategic marketing firm focused on helping companies grow their revenues and increase profits. With a passion for creating new and loyal customers for its clients, Thomas and The Valcort Group provide clients in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and financial services industries with a value based approach to building trust in the market quickly and efficiently. Prior to founding The Valcort Group, Thomas worked as an independent creative and brand strategist for the Chicago advertising community. Thomas is a published author and speaker on creative branding topics. Thomas earned a business and music degree from Anderson University and studied jazz composition at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

About The Valcort Group

The Valcort Group is a leading Chicago business development consultancy focused on helping organizations reach their full potential by creating innovative business development strategies and strong brand foundations.  Its VALCORT® strategic process helps clients identify obstacles to growth and create a strategic plan to improve customer engagement and increase sales. It is based on three principles – 1) truth builds trust; 2) values drive choice; and 3) people seek purpose.  The Group’s Outside7 agency is a creative marketing and communications firm designed to meet the needs of business and organizational clients.

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