MADE BY FREE WOMEN®: CAUSEGEAR® works for human justice

Bavishni is a young artisan who is beginning to see stability in her business and life because of good demand for the fashion accessories she is producing. She lives and creates her wares in a rural village in India, but her products are selling around the world. 

Today, life is good and her future is bright. But three years ago, she was experiencing a very different, and heartbreaking, life of extreme poverty because her father abandoned her mother, Bavishni and her sisters. As a member of a low caste in India, and especially as a young woman, she had little chance of progress and life itself was hanging from a tether.

Bavishni’s plight was very much like tens of millions of other women in India and elsewhere held hostage by a system that uses them as trapped laborers with no respect, no hope, and no protection.

In 2015, Bavishni met a partner of CAUSEGEAR®, an international provider of fashion apparel and accessories. CAUSEGEAR® provides the opportunity of jobs to individuals trapped in dire poverty in India and elsewhere, linking the work of their hands to international markets. Visit the CAUSEGEAR site for more information and to see the goods available for sale.

As a result, Bavishni had the opportunity to use her skills to make jewelry and accessories and access to viable markets, and she and her sisters are doing well. But for many women in India—which has 40 percent of the world’s slavery—it can get even worse than Bavishni’s crisis. Girls in India before the age of 18 who don’t have a job can be forced into marriages that are recognized internationally as a form of sexual slavery.

CAUSEGEAR® provides a means of income and productivity to these workers, while giving buyers of quality goods the opportunity to help create a sustainable pathway to freedom and human justice.

Globally, there are more the 45.8 million people enslaved by systems that prevent them from earning enough money to meet basic needs and that expose them as prey to abuse and exploitation. Women and girls are particularly subject to injustice, as they face dangers created by utter poverty and the real slavery of no path away from hopelessness.

Because more than 70 percent of these slaves are women and girls, CAUSEGEAR® launched the brand, MADE BY FREE WOMEN®.

International aid is a valuable source of relief and sustenance in times of disaster and crisis, but aid alone cannot provide the means for sustainable economic development for woman like Bavishni. While there are many efforts to create micro-businesses that produce local goods, few are designed to match production in areas of need with markets in wealthier nations.

CAUSEGEAR® is committed to engaging consumers to make sustainable life-change among these enslaved groups; indeed, to end extreme poverty and slavery.

Brad and Katherine Jeffery, the founders of CAUSEGEAR®, learned about this plight during their work and travels, and will not allow it to stand. They’re learning that many others share their outrage and commitment to provide freedom to those trapped in extreme poverty and slavery.

For women like Bavishni, CAUSEGEAR® generates the means of freedom.

The Valcort Group is a partner with CauseGear in its work to bring freedom to men and women enslaved by poverty and oppression. 

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