Sample ROI Measurement Results

What do the scores mean?

Missing Full Customer Engagement

ROI Survey - Customer Engagement

Problem: This young organization is led by a visionary leader who wants to see his organization grow quickly. It is not growing fast enough to support his vision.

Analysis: Results show the company is strategically focused and disciplined. (High VAL and T). The company is growing based on his network and credibility. It has a lack a compelling story, message and processes to engage the market. (low COR).

Results: We helped this client grow by improving the customer engagement processes of CO and R.

Unclear Vision

ROI Analysis - Unclear Vision

Problem: This respected, nationally-recognized executive placement firm has had much success over many years, but is now stagnant, not growing and having difficulty with internal morale and focus.

Analysis: Results show the employees are unclear where the organization is headed (low V), how it fits in the market (Low L) and and how various departments work together to grow (CO and T). The firm is vulnerable if sales people are attracted elsewhere as the sales team continues to do business the same old way, through their personal contacts (high R).

Results: Clarifying values and vision helped align the entire organization, raising morale, and engaging employees to drive change, customer engagement and growth.

Customer Not Fully Captured

ROI Analysis - Customers Not Fully Captured

Problem: Of the 35 best practices, this successful growing global manufacturer needs to grow. Sales are flat or declining due to competitive erosion of their customer base. How will they expand their base?

Analysis: Survey indicate that the relationship management practices are strong (R ) but inconsistent, practices which fuel new customer engagement (C, O and L) are weak and need improvement, and tracking customers through the cycle is practically non-existent. (T)

Results: We created a roadmap for delivering greater value and innovation into the market, giving this client an ability to create new interest and purchase patterns among new prospects.

Valcort Projection

ROI Analysis - Valcort Projection

Problem: This industry-leading, global organization maintains sales and customer support offices around the world. Leadership required a consistent, coordinated approach to integrate growth, marketing, and innovation capabilities around the world into a single strategy with country specific application.

Analysis: Indeed, the various offices were inconsistent with director level knowledge of the strengths, strategies and messages being fragmented. Leaders, sales and marketing departments were operating independently creating confusion inside the company and outside in the global market. The inefficiencies were increases costs and decreasing productivity.

Recommendations: We provided a portfolio of strategic initiatives to consolidate, provide focus and consistency. This visual map defined expected yearly growth process improvements. The map gives management to way to track the expected internal progress across their global offices.

Company X-Fragmented Teams

ROI Analysis - Company X-Fragmented Teams

Problem: The organization had experienced strong growth, outstripping the organizations ability to work efficiently and effectively. Customer complaints and attrition was growing. The CEO was unsure where knowledge and process gaps in the organization existed. He needed a way to see the gaps and fix them quickly.

Analysis: This VALCORT ROI chart revealed that different departments were not in sync and working effectively together to grow the company. Departments did not share the same assumptions about the business, its products and services, its customers and how it engages them to generate growth and loyal, market advocates. Interestingly, the service department, dealing with customer issues daily, was most out of touch with the business strategies for growth and innovation.

Results: The client began immediately to create company-wide communications and vision casting presentations, outlining its values, its vision of the future, and strategies that bring greater value to its customers. Voice of the customer communications prompted new innovation and extension into existing product lines, generating new customers and new revenues from existing customers.

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