ROI Analysis for Accelerated Growth

ROI Analysis

Want to see where your company’s growth is breaking down?

The VALCORT ROI Survey provides a quick, graphic snapshot of your organization’s ability to create growth and innovation today.  It reveals your teams’ alignment, knowledge, and business development strengths and weaknesses.

Who participates?

To get a good picture of the market alignment of your organization and its ability grow, we recommend that the CEO, the leadership team and any employee that touches or influences the customer relationship participate in the VALCORT ROI Survey.   The survey is anonymous and answers are confidential, so everyone should answer the questions honestly and candidly.**

Limited free, trial offer for the CEO and leadership team

For a limited time, The Valcort Group is offering CEOs and their leadership team a trial opportunity to see the degree of alignment, or misalignment that exists.

Act now.  Call for your free access code

Call Chuck Thomas, Managing Director of The Valcort Group, at 630-587-6000.

If you’re the CEO, call to get your access code now.  Fill out the form and invite up to five members of your leadership team to do the same.  Then take the survey.  They will be sent personal invitations from The Valcort Group, with your name in the subject line.  Their invitation link them to the same survey to complete.

What’s next?

After the CEO and leadership team have completed the survey, our ROI consulting team will consolidate the information and prepare a confidential summary report with graphs, charts and recommendations.  We will alert you and set a time to present the results.

Call Chuck now at 630-587-6000 and see the power of the VALCORT ROI Survey.

**Your information and results are confidential.  We will not sell nor distribute your information.  We can provide a NDA if required.

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