Why Valcort you ask?

The Valcort Group is a best-in-class choice to help you with marketing strategy and business growth.We are award winning experts, authors and thought leaders with rich experience in a variety of disciplines, C-level management, business and leadership development, marketing, advertising, brand developmentand public relations. And, our expertise spans with corporations and commercial enterprisesto nonprofit organizations and associations.

UNQUESTIONABLE value Just as we counsel our clientsto understand their core values to drivetheir business, Valcort practices what we preach. Our four core values.... LEARN MORE
PROCESS that works While we address everycompany and challenge differently,the true north star of our strategiccounsel is a proven methodology... LEARN MORE
PROVEN results We understand that ourbusiness growth has been reflective of the results we‘ve delivered to scores of companies over our 15 years... LEARN MORE

“Through their value-driven process, The Valcort Group brough us the voice of the customer.VALCORT© has helped us see how to meet our customer‘s changing needs and lead our industry. If you‘re lookingto grow, and aggressively, I strongly urge you to consider giving them a call.“

— CEO, Food Manufacturer


Chuck Thomas is the Principal and Founder of The Valcort Group as well asthe creative mind behind the VALCORT© business transformation process.

He is a recognized leader, speaker and author in strategic business marketing and communications. He is an innovative thinker, team motivator and hands-on creative. Through advertising, public relations, licensed properties, direct mail, online technology, music and film, Mr. Thomas has generated more than 32 billion audience impressions, helping create hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, funding and contributions, and has driven millions of people to client websites around the world.

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