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Why is the Valcort Group a best-in-class choice to help you with marketing strategy and business growth? Here are four reasons:

One thing we counsel our clients to do is understand their core values first and then drive their business decisions, direction, practices and relationships from those values. We make it a priority at Valcort to practice what we preach.  These are our core values. Whether or not they help us land customers or generate revenues, they are the balancing gyroscope that guides our company.

  • Truthful:   We do what we say and want to be held accountable for our promise. We have an unrelenting commitment to telling the truth.
  • Imaginative: Energized by limitations to find new ideas and opportunities, we fire up our imagination to create unique solutions to every new problem.
  • Serving: Because we exist to serve, we seek the truth, listen carefully, test our assumptions and respond with a desire to help others succeed.
  • Effective:  We focus our energy, experience and talents on creating measurable results that help our clients achieve their mission and vision

While we address every company and challenge differently, recognizing that no two are alike, the true north star of our strategic counsel is a proven methodology that assures a comprehensive approach to values-based growth and value-driven marketing. The process is called VALCORT©, an acronym of the seven disciplines that represent the sequential growth process: values, assets, lens, creative, outreach, relationships, tracking.

The “secret sauce” is not in establishment of these disciplines, as most organizations have them present in some form already, but in sequencing, leveraging and nurturing them, linking them, and harvesting them. This continuous improvement, which we’ve seen for almost two decades, fuels sustainable growth when organizations draw on the power, alignment, and coordination of these disciplines.

Everyone likes to be trusted, but surprisingly few companies have taken the time to determine how to build trust internally and among customers.  We feel so strongly about the integral role of trust in corporate success that we’ve worked very hard to define the steps necessary to build and maintain trust at every point of contact.  Personally, you can go out today and be more trustworthy, but to build trust into your company and its work, you just may need our help!  It’s what we do.

We know that scores of companies that we’ve helped over 15 years have grown because of the results we’ve delivered through our counsel and direction.  But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of them have told us:

“Valcort’s integrated marketing & communication strategy and tactical execution were right on the mark. We had one shot at the largest product and positioning rollout in the history of our company. Timelines and budgets were tight. They nailed it”.

– Group VP of Sales and Marketing, Automotive Manufacturer

“Through their values driven process, The Valcort Group brought us the voice of the customer. VALCORT® has helped us see how to meet our customer’s changing needs and lead our industry. If you’re looking to grow, and grow aggressively, I strongly urge you to consider giving them a call”.

– CEO, Food Manufacturer

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