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What’s your trust quotient?

Trust is important to all of us.  We make judgments related to granting or seeking trust every day.
This is as true in business as it is in our personal lives.  Whether a corporate leader, investor, employee, channel partner or a customer, we intuitively determine the questions we should ask in the process of determining whether or not to grant trust, or to begin a trust-based transaction or relationship.

In Valcort's new Organizational Trust Assessment, we ask a set of 28 questions in  four areas vital to trust.  Here's  a sampling of the questions.:

  1. Do I trust that the company’s people have personal integrity?
  2. Do I know and trust the vision of the company?
  3. Do I trust that the company and its leaders care for others, in addition to themselves?
  4. Do I trust that the company and its leaders will foster my opportunity and enhance my professional role or position in the market?
  5. Is trust backed by a reputation of trustworthiness (has trust been widely granted by others)?
  6. Do I trust that the company can compete in the market and grow?
  7. Do I trust that the company and its people are capable of and committed to delivering on their product or service claims?
  8. Do I trust that the company and its people will keep their promises?

Let us know if you'd like to conduct a trust assessment in your organization!  Call 630-587-6000 or email jjewell@valcort.com

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