VALCORT® : The hard work leading to an aha moment

One day just a few years ago, the light went on in a conference room at a mid-sized manufacturer in the southeast. The idea kind of light.

After hours of discussions with the company’s leaders and frontline sales directors, and dozens of interviews with its customers, we presented a simple but profound prescription for generating more effective prospect engagement and over-the-counter sales.

It involved capturing the one spot and one interaction that made all the difference for this company –whose market share was sliding in a sagging industry. We called it The Ultimate Selling Moment. It required employee training, on-location signage, a 3D product demonstration, a well-developed yet precise sales script, engaging video, and a real-time personalized app that demonstrated the exact level of customer need.

We can’t go into the proprietary detail, but the story here is that the results were extraordinary, and it set this division in an upward spiral.

Over the last decade, we have conducted more than 25 VALCORT® Strategic Growth projects for organizations ranging from enormous Fortune 200 corporations to mid-sized manufacturers to cost-sensitive nonprofits. We’ve found that at the core there are strong similarities. One of the most important similarities is that if a company will work honestly and transparently to find demonstrated values of the group, listen with openness to the candid voice of their customers, and drive hard to find identify its differentiated value, they will find the Aha insight that will lead to growth and effectiveness.

It’s not an easy hit. It’s the light that always comes on at the end of a lot of hard work, soul searching, and openness to change. The Aha Moment.

  • For a publisher, it was the need to tap into a new generation of voices to speak through the new generation of media
  • For a logistics company, it was defining the precision needed to help customers conquer time
  • For an electronic components manufacturer, it was banking on the fail-safe quality of its core products

Ultimately, VALCORT® uncovers new viewpoints, enables growth, and introduces changes that deliver rapid change and endure over time. In the center of all of it, we find, the process brings us all to that moment that can change everything.


Contact us to discuss how a VALCORT®project can help you find your way through to growth and effectiveness. Call Jim Jewell at 630.587.6000 or email



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