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Changing how America shops, and the week’s other top business stories

Man who changed how america shops1. The man who changed how America shops – Chief Executive

To successfully market when forces conspire to make everything a commodity, amplify the emotional content.

transformation,   fish2. Ensuring that business transformation does not fail -- Forbes

Just because everyone agrees business transformation is important doesn’t mean everyone knows how to do it.

John Elway3. Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway as top NFL executive -- Fortune

John Elway displays the same instincts, hard work, and swagger as a GM that he did as an NFL player.

Watch, high priced4. Eight watches costing more than $10,000 dollars each (really) -- Bloomberg Businessweek

These beauties included hand-wound throwbacks, out-of round-models, and a dial made of a sliver of an actual meteorite.

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