The Valcort Business Transformation Process

Valcort’s Business Tranformation Process:

Identify Opportunities, Increase Efficiency, Boost ROI

Strategic Marketing ProcessThe VALCORT© process is an in-depth review of your organization’s business development strengths and weaknesses, your new growth opportunity, and a practical roadmap to achieve sustainable growth.  The process captures the current state of your organization in seven disciplines (values, assets, lens, creative, outreach, relationship, tracking) and establishes a course of action. The process documents your organization’s values, vision and mission, captures your core business development practices, explores the market place for opportunity and alignment, and provides a practical roadmap to achieve customer-engaged, sustainable growth. 

  • How will you align your organization to grow more effectively and more cost efficiently?
  • What changes need to be made to help your business development dollar work harder, deliver better results, and a enjoy a higher return on investment?
  • What realignment is needed?
  • What changes are required by whom, in what sequence, to accomplish what milestones to achieve what goals? How much will it cost and when will you see results?

The full VALCORT process includes the following six phases:

Diagnosis of organizational alignment and health
The VALCORT ROI Survey is a simple online tool that evaluates all those who directly impact customers and growth across seven different VALCORT disciplines. It takes just 10 minutes to complete. Within days, management has a graphic snapshot and hard data to begin the strategic optimization process. The survey results are a series of graphic snapshots – easy-to-read, and easy-to-digest. It reveals misalignment, fragmentation – identifies where performance is breaking down across teams and processes. Created 10 years ago by Chuck Thomas, the survey has been developed, designed and tested by a team of social scientists, marketing and growth experts, and market researchers. Thousands of employees from a variety of companies and industries have taken the survey.  The results are revealing. See if your company is on the same page – or not. See the gaps that exist across your leadership, or by functional team, facility, region, product line, business unit or a myriad of other options.  Our recommendations provide a practical roadmap to streamlining your processes and getting everyone pulling together.

Understanding your team’s assumptions
Using VALCORT as the framework, we focus on understanding your organization’s growth strategies. We review strategic documents, processes, growth assets, and internal assumptions.  Collaborative work sessions with your leadership team and selected employee interviews are conducted to capture insights and trust levels.

  • Probe your organization, your market, your value, customer engagement processes, delivery and alignment to the market
  • Assess the organization’s ability to innovate, create customer engagement, identify roadblocks and opportunities
  • Assess their knowledge and alignment to ensure they are invested, engaged, aligned to live out your values and accomplish your company’s mission and vision

Understanding your customer’s perceptions

Reviewing your customer base and product/service lines, we segment your markets and scan your existing and new markets for size, fit and opportunity.  This phase provides insight into building customer trust and defines customer engagement paths, perceptions of your company, and reveals opportunities to innovate and capture customers.

  • Market research to capture market dynamics, changes and emerging opportunities.
  • Interview and survey customers, vendors and channel partners
  • Competitive intelligence to map current landscape and identify future opportunity

Building the roadmap for growth

Using VALCORT as a comprehensive framework, strategies are built along each of the seven disciplines to align the company with market need and opportunity.

  • To clarify strategic values, vision, positioning, story, message and market platform
  • To create growth and innovation platform for market innovation to fuel growth and market engagement
  • To define VALCORT alignment initiatives to strengthen business development practices and organizational realignment
  • To create an implementation roadmap that will capture early adopters, leverage trust quickly and drive value at the center.

Alignment and allocation

We guide and coach your leaders in alignment of people, teams, programs, products, brands and positions.  We provide counsel on the allocation of resources to allow for implementation of new growth plans.

Organizational Implementation

We guide and mentor your team to begin implementation. The completed work and resulting plan is presented and seeded within the organization. Teams hear from customers why change is necessary and what they really want. Strategies, growth platform and various initiatives are provided as innovative solutions to improve customer engagement driving growth and innovation. Teams begin to adopt, think, innovate and act differently about customers as they prepare for the public launch of the new platform. It impacts everything they do, every day.

Marketplace Implementation

This phase includes the development, presentation and, as requested implementation of internal and external Go-To-Market initiatives. We coordinate tactics, tasks and activities to fire in sequence, keeping your teams focused, driving change, creating market interest and capturing new customer engagement. Extensions, new market development processes, and additional innovation teams are created, implemented and managed to sustain momentum and growth.

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