Strategic Marketing to Fuel Trust, Innovation and Growth

Strategic Marketing

At Valcort, we believe that while marketing is an extremely important catalyst for growth, it is just one part of a process that leads to that growth. When marketing consultants and strategy firms focus on only a portion of the issue, their results are inconsistent, fragmented and loosely aligned. Our organized and systemic approach to growth creates singular focus across the organization and results in efficient and effective growth.  This delivers fast, streamlined and practical results that are also holistic and thorough.

Central to our strategic process are Valcort core principles of reliable, effective, strategic marketing:

  1. Truth always builds trust. Trust sells products and services. The essence of any commercial relationship is trust.Where trust is high and there is a shared vision, there’s opportunity.  Create a feasible, actionable plan to address that opportunity and you will grow.Conversely, where trust is damaged or declining, relationships are questioned, resulting in anxiety, fear or resentment.  Even with a good marketing plan, a flashy presentation and good products, mistrust is a weight that holds back growth.
  2. Values drive choice. Virtually every decision you make, whether in the grocery aisle, engaging in a round of golf, or changing jobs – is influenced heavily by what you believe is valuable.  These core beliefs shape purchasing decisions.When you understand the values your customers, employees or vendors hold, you have the keys to successful relationships.  A shared vision is an extension of those values. Creating growth requires a clear understanding of the shared values of your various stakeholders and an articulated vision that motivates them to engage.
  3. People seek purpose No one wants to invest any time or money in something that is useless or meaningless.  Every customer, employee or vendor want to engage where they believe they can make a difference in valued relationships, commerce, science, social service, or government.Great organizations ask “why” questions to ensure that their effort will motivate their stakeholders to share in their vision, and engage and invest time, money and effort to achieve positive and important results. Great leaders hire and deploy their people wisely to leverage each employee’s unique experience, gifts, skillset and passion.

Strategic marketing is the art and science of discovering what is true, creating focus through articulated shared values, and putting people to work in a way to inspire commitment, innovation and investment.

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