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Business Diagnostic ToolsGain valuable insight into your company with proprietary business diagnostics and start the path to real growth.

See your company from a whole new angle.  Our proprietary business growth diagnostics is the first step on the path to real growth.

Free and Fast Diagnostics

Free Community (Tribal) Identity Analysis

Is your organization a cohesive, organized community or a fragmented and silo’d group of resistors—or somewhere in-between? Tribes stick together and work together; they rely on each other. There are 18 anthropological building blocks that create a united, interdependent, and fully engaged tribe. Take 10 minutes to rate your team on several key measures in our Tribal Identity Analysis. Based on your answers, we’ll provide you a free analysis, as well as additional thinking on the characteristics of a functional community.

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Free Leadership Team Alignment Test (ROI)

Is your leadership team on the same page?  Do they share assumptions about the market, your value, your customers’ needs? Often business leaders see the same information but interpret it differently.  Those assumptions lead to actions that can have dramatic impact, hindering or helping growth.  While most executives believe their teammates are on the same page, gaps and misalignment almost always exists.  Have your team take this test. The results may surprise you and instantly reveal why you’re not growing as fast as you could be.

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Full Diagnostics, tracking, measurement


The Valcort diagnostic work starts with a simple, ten-minute online ROI survey taken anonymously by every employee who has contact with your organization’s customers, donors, and recipients. This quickly uncovers where misalignment, fragmentation and dysfunction exists.  The results give the CEO a visual, easy read report to see if the entire company is on the same page – or not.  In turn, it gives the entire management team the same visual roadmap of what problems exist and what needs to be done to fix them.

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Customer Trust Survey

When customers continue to focus on price, you’ve got a problem.  They believe that your organization’s greatest value is simply the product you offer.  But your real value is much, much more than that.

Great organizations focus on and build a lasting customer relationship; a partnership that transcends price.  This 5-minute customer-focused survey asks 12 simple questions of your customers in four areas of trust.  It reveals the trust level of your relationship, exposes gaps in the brand and relationship and indicates why customers value your relationship.

This survey provides strong insight into pricing and value strategies for both product and services offerings.  Built by a team of marketers, cultural anthropologists and scientists, it provides deep insight into how customer relationships are breaking down, why customers are leaving, and the practical activities you can take to address critical trust gaps and increase customer engagement, retention, and advocacy.

Do your customers believe they are getting little, adequate, or outstanding value for the dollars they spend? How important, really, is pricing to your customers? What are you doing that is driving customers to your competitor?  If you could improve customer retention by 1%, what would that do to your bottom line?

Find out in a fast, engaging customer survey covering four key drivers of customer loyalty and retention:

  • perceived cost and benefit
  • identification and shared experience
  • legitimacy and experience
  • exchange and fairness.

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VALCORT Pulse-Values Alignment Survey

Does your employees’ behavior reflect those critical values that will drive business growth?  How would you know?  Where are petty issues, relationship breakdowns, and internal mistrust preventing your growth?

A great company reflects the values of its leaders.  These values, when shared by employees, drive their behavior and result in a cohesive, unified, and focused team. This, in turn, attracts and creates the admiration, trust and engagement of its customers and donors. If trust among your employees is based upon shared values, do your people really share the values that will drive the business forward?  Or is your culture fragmented, resistant, skeptical or cynical?

This 15-question survey paints a picture of the strength of your organization’s culture, where values and behaviors that drive growth are breaking down, and provides positive recommendations to address them.

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Voice of the Customer Research

What will you do to capture more share?  To generate more revenue?  To create industry changing innovations?  To price to value, and prevent commoditization?

Applying the VALCORT process, we help companies hear with new ears the voice of their customers and other market sensitive stakeholders.  Through personal interviews, incisive focus groups and online and paper surveys, we probe to determine your unique value, uncover new “low-hanging” opportunities, and define coming industry changes that will soon impact your business.

We listen to your customers’ words, quantify their responses, see their emotion, and make sense of the data.  This is often the missing piece in growth development, marketing, branding, and positioning. Wise leaders recognize it as the driver for strategic decision and investment, and the harbinger of organizational change.

Let us help you discover the opportunity that can change your world.

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