Values Based Brand Building for Enduring Success

Brand Building

A genuine brand is the public replica of private values.


As individuals we learn to trust others when the fundamental values we hold sync with them. But when that trust breaks down, we question, judge and limit the relationship. Similarly, the values embedded in your organizational brand are revealed in your programs, products, sales people, channel partners, service reps, advertising, websites and social media. They hint to your customers and the broader world who you really are, the core of your brand.

That’s why we begin our brand building work with leaders by helping them understand their core values and the values demonstrated by the organization. Their vision of the future and their investments in people, products, programs and innovation reveal the true brand of the company.

The power to build lifelong customer advocates is derived from a leader’s values and his or her ability to drive their associated behaviors through the organization, out the door, and engage customers with similar values on their “front porch.”

It’s the cornerstone of shared values that create trust and reliance between people, and provide glue and advocacy between people and the brands they love.

Our work on brand building continues into the identification of a brand values, a brand proposition and development of its creative expression. A subsidiary unit of The Valcort Group, Outside Seven, provides creative services to its clients, focusing on differentiation, marketing, world class creativity and design, and dynamic outbound communication through the Web and public relations. Where desired, Outside Seven provides creative execution for the VALCORT© strategic process.

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