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Need business referrals? Ask for help

Need business referrals? Ask for help

Occasionally, a customer will take the initiative to refer your company to a contact because of the good work you’ve done for them.  That’s fabulous.  They may need a nudge, though, and it’s important to ask your customers to openly acknowledge how important your company is to them. #34 of Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth reads: “Intentionally solicit customer endorsements and referrals.”  Remember that your very best sales person is a current happy customer.  No one else can come close. If...

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13 Ways to Build Better Business Relationships

13 Ways to Build Better Business Relationships

All successful businesses–regardless of what they do or sell–have one thing in common: their people know how to build and maintain relationships. The truth is that business leaders too often get caught up in the details of the kinds of products or services they are selling to notice how critical it is to build relationships not just with your customers, but also with vendors, employees, and even competitors. You need to have good long-term customers and vendor relationships that will carry you t...

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Surprise Me!  7 Tips for Inventing New Ways to Reach Customers

Surprise Me!  7 Tips for Inventing New Ways to Reach Customers

Marketing success depends, at least partially, on creativity. Creativity helps you stand out in a world bombarded with advertising, it helps differentiate you from your competitors, and it makes you more memorable in your customers' minds. The solution is easy: come up with more creative ideas! That, of course is the hard part. It isn’t easy. At Valcort, we believe that creative blocks are barriers we must all overcome to achieve success in marketing. (#33 of Valcort’s 35 Keys for Business Grow...

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5 Keys to Successful Outreach

5 Keys to Successful Outreach

Here are five of Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth that address the challenge of reaching out to your publics. Take a look. Making the Best of Customer Touchpoints # 5 Have a fully coordinated, customer sales approach, drawing a customer into an engaging relationship at every point of contact. Executing Mind Shaping Media Campaigns #12 Deliver advertising, public relations and other communication in the right media, at the right time, and in the right way to effectively engage customers in ...

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The Top 15 Iconic Marketing Campaigns in History

The Top 15 Iconic Marketing Campaigns in History

The Top 15 Iconic Marketing Campaigns in History Every day, companies and causes of all types and sizes try to get your attention and to persuade you to buy their products, embrace a category, shift your impression of their company, support their cause, or vote for their candidate. Over the years, there have been some marketing and advertising campaigns that have done that job more convincingly and memorably than anyone else. Many have withstood the test of time. Of course, while advertising ca...

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Let’s Not Break a Leg: EIIA presents perspectives on campus theater and risk management

Perspectives on Campus Theatre and Risk Management at URMIA Conference

CHICAGO, Sept. 19, 2017 – Recognizing that colleges across the nation with theater programs could face many dangers, two risk management experts will address the topic in a session at the URMIA conference on September 27, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

With the increasing incidence of serious injuries to students and staff resulting from activities at campus theaters, Roger Olsen, director of risk management at Concordia and John Schwartz, LD, risk management director for EIIA, will address the risks through a virtual “walk-through” of a campus’ theater to identify areas of concern and what they have done to reduce the risk.

The session, Let’s NOT Break a Leg: Campus Theater Risk, will be at 9:15 a.m., after the General Session, on Wednesday, Sept, 27.

“Often, theater programs are not on the loss control priority list,” said Olsen, “yet, faculty and students are handling the same equipment, tools and chemicals we train our facility’s crew to handle. We cannot overlook this exposure on our campus.”

“Risk management is not just one person’s job. It takes a holistic approach that starts with meaningful conversations to create awareness and collaboration. We want to provide help, not oversight.”

John Schwartz: “Risks are inevitable on any active campus. Theater safety is only one of the hundreds of exposures our Member’s face on a day to day basis. Our job is to identify and work with our Members to provide risk management services that help mitigate those exposures so they can focus on fulfilling their mission.”

EIIA’s risk management program focuses specifically on the exposures of liberal arts institutions.  It develops the tools and resources necessary to address those unique risks. EIIA is currently shooting a 15-minute video on theater safety, to be released in January. The video is one of many educational videos housed in EIIA’s Risk Management University, developed to address specific risks on campus.

“The collaboration of Roger Olsen from Concordia and John Schwartz, our risk management director, is an example of the combined effort that helps us create programs that are tailored to higher education,” said Jeff Wolf, president of EIIA.

EIIA is a not-for-profit organization that provides insurance and risk management services to its Member institutions of higher education. With its 50-year history of focusing on higher education, EIIA has extensive knowledge and experience to serve its Members nationwide.

Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, is a private, coed, four-year liberal arts college. It’s a community of more than 2,100 students who come from 37 states and 28 countries, and represent 39 religions and denominations. Concordia employs 166 full-time faculty, including NSF scientists, award-winning composers and writers, and national experts in a wide range of fields.


Contact: Marion Gonzalez

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The Keys to Successful Corporate Communication

The Keys to Successful Corporate Communication

Communicating is simple. Right? Well, expressing yourself may be easy, but effective communication can be mind-numbingly difficult in settings from friendships to marriages, politics and religion, and business. It’s strange that although we all have been communicating since our infancy we still face communication problems all our lives. We often find ourselves stumbling or being misled during the delivery or reception of information. This happens in our daily personal lives and in our organiza...

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The Value of Being Creative

For the last three years, we have been exploring Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth--specific practices to advance your business, five each in seven VALCORT disciplines:

V—Values and Vision

A—Assets and Associations

L—Lens on market, customers, and competition





Here are links to all five articles on the Creative discipline:

Why Selling Your Products is a Bad Idea

#4 Have a clear understanding of how each of your products and services relate to the other and to the company as a whole.”

Wings, Beer, Sports and the Art of Perfecting Your Value Proposition

#11 Have a true, simple and clearly worded statement to describe your unique and proven value to customers.

Get the Message?

#18 Create clear and specific messages targeted to each stakeholder (vendor, help employee, shareholder, representative, customer, end user) to help them talk about our company and promote our products and services.

Speaking the Right Language? The Importance of Customer Profiling

#25 Creative advertising, public relations and promotions speak to the customer in a language they understand. It is engaging, consistent, and clearly communicates the unique value you offer.”

The Keys to Successful Corporate Communication

#32 The communication an individual receives from your company is coordinated, specific to customer-type, and relevant to their responsibility and decision-making ability.

12 tips for making your vendors partners

12 tips for making your vendors partners

When we look at vendor transactions, the language isn’t particularly warm, and it usually doesn’t describe a relationship in which everyone is valued and comes away whole and satisfied. “Companies use vendors to provide services” “Service providers fill customer orders “ Valcort’s #30 Key to Business Growth calls for a much different kind of relationship:  Work to build strong, long-term partnerships with your vendors to help them reduce their costs, to grow and prosper to serve you even better...

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Leveraging assets for growth

In these columns over the last few years we have been discussing, one by one, the 35 Keys to Business Growth. There are five of these keys, or practices, in each of the 7 VALCORT disciplines.  We are now down to the last 7; one in each of the VALCORT disciplines.

Here are all five of the articles on leveraging assets for growth

What people believe matters

#2:  Know what customers, distributors, shareholders, vendors and employees believe about your company.

For product success, make what people want 

#9:  Develop only products and services that are high priorities for current and future customers.

7  Steps to employee greatness

#16:  Have a process  to identify each employee’s interests, skills and strengths and then use them effectively to accomplish your company mission.

Questions that help your business grow 

#23: Regularly evaluate your products and services, as well as your company’s strengths and weaknesses, to identify new, faster and better ways to meet the needs of your customers

 12 tips for making vendors partners 

#30: Work to build strong, long-term partnerships with our vendors to help them reduce their costs, to grow and prosper to serve us even better.

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