Who We Are

Strategic Marketing Consulting with a Fresh Perspective

We are strategic marketing professionals who work with chief executives and senior leaders to help align their businesses with opportunities in the market to see growth.

We are award winning experts, authors and thought leaders with rich experience in a variety of disciplines–C-level management, business and leadership development, marketing, advertising, brand development and public relations. And in many sectors–from business to business corporations and commercial enterprises to nonprofit organizations and associations.

Who We AreIntegrity – We do what we say and want to be held accountable for our promise. We tell the truth at all times.

Imagination – Every problem is unique. Energized by limitations to find new ideas and opportunities, we create unique solutions.

Servant’s heart – We exist to serve. Seeking the truth, we listen carefully, test our assumptions and respond with a desire to help others succeed. We pursue insight and understanding, so that our solutions are realistic, effective and compelling.

Results-oriented – We focus our energy, experience and talents on creating measurable results that help our clients achieve their mission and vision.

Marketing VisionVision

Trust is the essential currency of commerce. Where trust flourishes, there is powerful growth.  But trust is under attack.  It is our vision to reverse the course, to change the way America does business.  This begins with every client engaging customers in a high-trust relationship at every point of contact, its people aligned to serve, discovering opportunity and new solutions, and thereby leading its industry in growth, profitability and innovation.

The Valcort Group makes a difference by leading organizations in a transformational strategic marketing process that builds trust, fosters innovative solutions and drives growth.


We promise our clients that we will improve their organizational alignment and increase their revenue growth to better serve their customers, employees and stakeholders

We promise our employees that we will nurture their unique perspective, gifts, and abilities and enable them to impact clients, fellow employees, trusted vendors, stakeholders and community

We promise our vendors and partners that we will share opportunity and encourage excellence, teamwork, efficiency and accountability to impact our clients and our organization.

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