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  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever: The Importance of Looking Around as a Business Strategy

    Amalfi Coast, Italy.
    “On a clear day,” words from a Broadway musical go, “rise and look around you, and you see who you are.” [On a Clear Day You Can See Forever]. Knowing who you are as a person, a group, or a business, depends not just on an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, but also on an […]
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  • Know the Business Partners that Share your Story: 10 Tips for Building Partner Relationships

    Silhouette businesspeople entering office building
    In many, if not most, business situations you rely on others to become part of your product or program design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution or sales. While it is obvious that your relationship to and service of customers is vital to your growth and success, there are many other people in your value chain that can […]
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  • 12 tips for making your vendors partners

    Salesman showing product to a client
    When we look at vendor transactions, the language isn’t particularly warm, and it usually doesn’t describe a relationship in which everyone is valued and comes away whole and satisfied. “Companies use vendors to provide services” “Service providers fill customer orders “ Valcort’s #30 Key to Business Growth calls for a much different kind of relationship:  […]
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  • Leveraging assets for growth

    In these columns over the last few years we have been discussing, one by one, the 35 Keys to Business Growth. There are five of these keys, or practices, in each of the 7 VALCORT disciplines.  We are now down to the last 7; one in each of the VALCORT disciplines. Here are all five […]
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  • Vision and the North Star: Certainty in Uncertain Times

    Rising moon over river
    Casting about on the open seas or escaping a hostile force through an unmarked wilderness, your circumstances can change dramatically by the minute. To head confidently in the right direction, you can focus on the North Star for your bearings and to make the decisions that will bring you to safety. It’s similar when you […]
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  • Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth: Values and Vision

    If you are new to The Valcort Group, you may not know that our consulting strategy is easy to find—it’s our name. Valcort is an acronym for the 7 disciplines that drive, guide, and measure business growth. V-A-L-C-O-R-T V — Values are the foundation, for the values we hold drive the choices we make V – Vision […]
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  • Conversations on Business Growth

    35 Keys to Business Growth from The Valcort Group There are many ways to grow a business. And with history as a guide, we’d say there are many more ways to fail. We have ideas on both how to succeed and how to avoid the pitfalls. We start with 35, and you can find links the first […]
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  • Pay attention: The importance of tracking marketing results

    Young Boy Looking Through Binoculars Hiding in Grass
    Paying attention is important. In many ways. Identity security, for instance. Identify theft affects a staggering 7 percent of the population annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, and totals more than $25 billion annually in financial losses to the U.S. economy. Due to its emotional impact and resulting behavior changes, identity fraud can […]
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  • Answer the door. Winning the customer inquiry exchange

    Restaurant service bell vintage with bokeh
    Successful customer impressions begin at the front door of your business. That front door these days is often an email in-box, a Website inquiry, a cell phone call or text, a Tweet, post or comment. Or it might be someone actually at your front door! Don’t miss the opportunity to make that first impression.  #27 […]
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  • Are your employees your best advocates?

    Young Business People Collaborate.
    Would you recommend that a friend seek employment at your company? This is one of the questions we include in our organizational survey of employee satisfaction and values, conducted as part of our VALCORT strategic study. It’s an important question that can provide a revealing look at an organization’s health. In terms of corporate advocacy, […]
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  • Speaking the right language? The importance of customer profiling

    America tongue language open mouth. Studio shot.
    An important part of great marketing is speaking the right language! If you know who you are trying to reach with your sales and marketing messages, the next step is to figure out what language they speak. No, not if they speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian or French. That’s important, of course, but for the […]
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  • Secret Spy? Conducting Competitor Research

    Womans eye peeking through a keyhole concept for curiosity, stalker, surveillance and security
    It’s not difficult to find the opposite of customer-centricity. I found it while traveling in eastern Europe late last year, where many businesses still—after 50 years of official communism followed by 25 years of capitalism—haven’t discovered the value and competitive advantage of good customer relations But you don’t have to travel to former totalitarian states […]
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  • Questions that will help your business grow

    urban informatization and network technology
    Recently, we worked with a respected manufacturing company that was concerned about multiple years of flat growth in a thriving industry. They believed that their products were chosen because they were of the highest quality in the category, but they could not figure out why they weren’t growing. We worked with the company’s leaders on a […]
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  • Lift the Fog: Leadership values as the key to growth

    Light House
    As an employee, customer, investor, or a competitor, what is the most important thing you can learn about a company?  If you said profitability, market share, operating margin, or the direction of their industry segment, you’d be hitting on strong factors impacting the company’s financial health. But I’d suggest that what you should study mostly […]
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  • What difference does it make? The importance of tracking customer response

    urban informatization and network technology
    Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth:  #21 We have specific, consistent ways we collect data and track customer response to every advertising, marketing and sales effort. We use this information to measure our marketing and sales efficiency and effectiveness. For more than 10 years we have been asking executives to rate their companies’ performance in each […]
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  • Influencing the influencers through communication

    Valcort’s 35 Keys to Business Growth: #20–“Have strong communication with people who can influence a buyer’s decision, based on addressing a buyer’s most important needs.” Think about your last major purchase.  As a business owner, it may have been a piece of equipment or a building. As a home owner or a parent, you may […]
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