• Non-Profit Outlook
  • 7 Reasons Nonprofits Flounder or Fail

    A group of our friends led a wonderful start-up that was trying to bring new perspectives to theenvironmental cause, to reach faith-based constituencies who were not traditional supporters of these concerns.  They had the plan worked out on paper, and even had a foundation to underwrite the effort for a couple of years.  But although there […]
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  • IRS approvals, Red Cross problems and top stories from the nonprofit sector

    red cross problems
      Nonprofit Tax-Exemption Approvals Double, Thanks to Simplified Form.  The Internal Revenue Service approved 94,365 applications from organizations seeking 501(c)(3) designations in fiscal year 2014, more than double the number approved in the previous two years. 4 Options for Targeting Donors.  You have four options when evaluating how you might compete in the nonprofit world, […]
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  • Top 25 Nonprofit Management Tools and This Weeks Other Leading NPO Stories

    Charity volunteer
    Leaders  Weigh in on 25 Nonprofit Management Tools For nonprofit organizations to realize their potential for social impact, they need more than a good program and ambitious leaders to expand it. They need good managers who adopt approaches that make the most of opportunities, anticipate threats, develop talent, and produce strong results.  The nonprofit Bridgespan […]
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  • This Week’s Business & Management News from the Nonprofit Sector

    Relationship Discussion
    Buzzwords to Watch in 2015 What will catch the ear of nonprofit and foundation leaders in 2015?  Perhaps Internet of Things, Smart Cities and a dozen other, one keen observer postulates. The Ups and Downs of Charity at the Checkout Counter Research indicates that, in general, checkout-donation efforts do not drive sales. But that’s not […]
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  • ‘Giving Tuesday’ phenomenon and other nonprofit stories of the week

    What is #GivingTuesday? We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world came together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. #GivingTuesday […]
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  • Fascinating News from the Nonprofit Sector

    Venture Philanthropy:  $3.3 Billion Investment Payout for Cystic Fibrosis.   The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) cashed in on one of its biggest venture philanthropy efforts, selling future royalty rights for $3.3 billion — 10 times the revenue that the charity typically generates in a year. “This is a transformational moment for the foundation and the entire […]
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  • Who do you trust?

    Reversing the pervasive loss of trust in American life Who do you trust? In the public square, that’s a more troubling question than it should be. There isn’t enough trust to go around and nearly every institution—government, media, business, sport, and even churches and charities–are responsible and suffering the impact. All of these institutions have […]
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  • The 7 Most Valuable Assets of a Nonprofit Organization

    When you turn to the financial statements of a nonprofit organization, one of first reports is titled Assets and Liabilities.  I know this an important report, but as a longtime non-financial manager of NPOs, I’ve always been less interested in this report than the statement of annual revenues and expenses and the break out of […]
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  • Choosing Gelato and the Value of Values

    I tried a new gelato café that opened riverside in my town in the Fox Valley this weekend and had to make a difficult choice from about 35 amazing flavors. Do I take a risk, venturing into some new area of taste, or do I stick with the familiar, with something that begins or ends […]
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  • “Your young men shall see visions”: Importance of a nonprofit vision

    As an organizational leader, do you have a vision? Is your organization focused on a clear and broadly understood vision of your corporate purpose and future? “If there is no vision,” a 1599 version of Proverbs 29:18 reads, “the people decay.”  Without a vision, missions can stagnate or waste away. A vision is an answer […]
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  • Trust Me

    The tough work of building organizational trust. Trust is a provisional grant that if not supported by action will be removed. It’s a slippery word because of frequent violations! Trust took a hit with the Joe Isuzu farcical television commercials of the 1980s, and Ronald Reagan redefined trust as he created an arms treaty with […]
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  • 7 reasons nonprofits flounder or fail

    Nonprofit Success & Failure
    By Jim Jewell A group of our friends led a wonderful start-up that was trying to bring new perspectives to the environment cause, to reach faith-based constituencies who were not traditional supporters of environmental concerns.  They had the plan worked out on paper, and even had a foundation to underwrite the effort for a couple […]
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  • 7 Disciplines of Highly Successful Charities

    Nonprofit Success
    How to build the trust that fuels program growth By Jim Jewell  In the last year, some two thirds of Americans responded to appeals from charities for support of projects to meet human needs, create new initiatives, advance faith, and reverse wrongs. Nonprofit organizations received $298 billion in donations and were supported by about 64.5 […]
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  • For Nonprofit Organizations there is no profit in broken relationships

    Donor attrition has always been a problem in mass fundraising, where personal touches are difficult and the ability to communicate impact is limited.  Now, widespread personal losses in recent years and the failure of institutions of all kinds to prove trust-worthy have produced a dangerous culture of mistrust.  One consequence: the relationships that nonprofits rely […]
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  • The CEO’s new glasses (Lens of the Market)

    CEO Vision
    One of the most difficult tasks in leadership is pointing the ship and keeping it focused every day, week, month and year, upon reaching a critical destination. To review: Having a clear understanding the values and vision of the organization (V of VALCORT) is essential for creating trust and getting others to join in the […]
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  • Assets (Marketing Assets)

    The core of growth is the ability to build and nurture trust.   The Four Stages of Trust is the blueprint to guide anyone into a high-trust relationship that creates change and fuels growth.  The Four Stages of Trust are: Shared Values Shared Vision Assumed Responsibility Always delivering on your promise In an organization, we will […]
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