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  • 15 Successes Who Started in Failure 

    Soon I'll be running this city
    Failure can be (and often is) the first step to success. Skeptical?  Here are 15 examples of how extremely successful people got off to terribly bad starts. Bill Gates Bill Gates is now one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, but he didn’t earn his fortune in a straight line to success. Gates entered the entrepreneurial scene […]
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  • The 15 Friendliest Companies in America

      We’ve asked around to find the companies with the best customer service, focus, and relationships. There are many companies that do it well, and just as many that don’t get it.  Here’s our list of the best.   Amazon.com Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has the highest customer service satisfaction in the country. […]
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  • 25 reasons Spring is a great time of the year.

    Business renaissance. If you’re in a seasonal business that benefits from warmth, like landscaping or outdoor dining, it’s time to roll! Temperatures are moderate. Spring marks the end of frigid winter and the transitional period to scorching summer. The earth’s axis is angled between its closest and furthest position from the sun, when temperatures are […]
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  • Does vision ever take a day off? The importance of share values and vision

    Young woman framing mountain landscape with hands
    Does vision within an organization need to be tempered, does the role of vision ever stop or slow? Does forever need to reach into the future and push the envelope out of the current state? I believe continued, ever-expanding vision is critical if an organization is to create sustainable growth. To understand the need for pervasive […]
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  • What are your New Year’s resolutions?

    Do you make New Year’s resolutions? It’s a long tradition that doesn’t’ seem to be losing steam.  Here are the top-10 New Year’s resolutions from a recent survey of 2,000 people conducted for Inc. magazine: Diet or eat healthier (71%) Exercise more (65%) Lose weight (54%) Save more and spend less–my personal favorite! (32%) Learn […]
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  • 10 Business Decisions that Influenced the Future  

    We’ve found 10 examples from the last 75 years when individuals, companies or groups saw a need and took dramatic action, often creating something historic out of nothing–advancing not only single invention or program, but also the business principles that influenced not only that time, but today and our future. Here they are: Suburbia is Born: In 1947, […]
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  • 4 Dimensional Trust in an Age of Change

    When you or your company or group seek to operate in a change environment, or if you are going into a time of change, the highest priority will be to create and rely on embedded, earned trust. And in times of change, the last thing you need to experience as an employee, or the company experience […]
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  • 7 reasons people buy

    Woman buying wine at the supermarket
    Since money isn’t easy to come by, what makes us part with it?  And if we decide to make a purchase of any kind, why do we choose one product or service over another?  There are mountains of research on these questions, but since you may have even less time than money, we’ve condensed a […]
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  • 15 tips for successfully reaching “unreachables”

    It’s only natural for us to want to market our products or services to everyone, in hopes of capturing a larger audience. But every business has some “unreachables” who seem unsuited for or resistant to your overtures.  Now, some of these people are placed in that category for a good reason. For others, you may […]
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  • The world’s best leaders, delivery drones and other interesting business stories of the week

    amazon drone
    Who are the world’s best leaders?  The greatest leaders are the ones who run organizations that truly care for their employees’ and customers’ health, happiness, and wellbeing.  — Fortune Amazon Hammers FAA For Lack Of ‘Impetus’ Over Drone Policy.  Amazon.com is not pleased with the pace by which the Federal Aviation Administration is addressing the […]
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  • Apple’s values, March Madness and this week’s other interesting business stories

    Scoring the winning points at a basketball game
    Apple’s Future.  Tim Cook says everything at Apple can change except values–Fast Company         GM Ditching Russia.  Political turmoil in Russia, combined with a weak economy and lower-than-expected sales, convinced General Motors that it isn’t worth sinking more money into the once-promising market.—Forbes     March Madness at Work:  How to channel […]
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  • 5 ways to segment customers

    Customer segmentation is a successful marketing tool when implemented correctly. Selecting segments and placing your customers must be done with precision. Here are 5 ways to tackle this vital task: 1. Demographics.  Divide your customers into demographic groups. Consumers primarily purchase product based on needs and wants that are related to where they live, how […]
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  • Zuckerberg’s hiring secrets and this week’s other top business stories

    Mark Zuckerberg Shares His Secret to Recruiting the Best Employees – Inc. Magazine Facebook founder and CEO reveals the simple but counterintuitive rule of thumb he uses to keep the right candidates from slipping through his filter. Larger iPad Reportedly Coming in 2nd Quarter – Wall Street Journal Apple Suppliers have been told to produce […]
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  • Great Ways to Discover Employee Strengths

    Portrait of a firefighter shouting
    What are the most important characteristics of your next star employee?  I’d suggest there are three:  trustworthiness, essential competency, and perhaps the most important characteristic, passion (for life, for people, for your work, for every breath). With these characteristics in mind, check out the following tools to discover and analyze these strengths in employees, potential […]
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  • Fundamental truths of success and other top business stories of the week

    modern Hong Kong
    1. 10 Fundamental Truths about Success We Forget Too Easily — Forbes It’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life. Busy schedules and weekly routines have a tendency to put the brain on autopilot. Some of life’s essential truths need repeating.  Here you go. 2. Twenty Fastest Growing […]
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  • The 15 most important things you need to know about your customers.

    Shopping bags from Primark
    What are the most important things you should know about your customers? You should know what they are most frustrated about. And what they’re trying to achieve. You should know where they hang out online. What else? Create your own list, but first read our list of 15 things you should and can know about […]
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